Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy Days

It's been an extra busy week!  In the middle of battling with a very bad cold (by now we all had it), life went on.

Peter thoroughly enjoys his daily activities.  A thought hit me that while I am preparing Peter for his pre-school years, we are also preparing Christine's exiting of high school years.  Wow.

Peter and his Button Bear puppet.

 Peter loves hands-on activities.  He is learning how to punch the leaves and gluing them on a piece of paper...

 ...and putting them on the Lego patterns he made. I have the butterfly punch, which would probably be more appropreate for the month of April but the "March leaf" punch was easier for him to punch the shapes out.

 His "people" hugging his drinking glass.

 Oh, let's remember to get in some hours of "photography" time. Hehe... No body is happier to see this picture than his very own sister. ♥

 I love how he grouped the "people" into three different even number groups. Math seems like it would be a fun subject with him. (I am glad)

Playing a game of chess with brother.  He posed here as if he knew what he was doing. LOL!  He is learning the names of the chess pieces.  When I told him that the "horse" is a knight, he said "wake up!" He thought I meant "night-(night)". 

Attending Christine's Senior meeting brought me back to reality that I am having yet another child leaving the nest next year.  Oh, how I have treasured these past years with Christine.  Thank you, Lord, for giving me a gift of sweetness through her. I know I will miss her dearly if she is to go off to college in a different state. 


The Family Stone said...

Smart little guy you got there! I also have little kids and big kids. My youngest was born at the beginning of my oldest's senior year in high school. It's bittersweet, isn't it!?

Our Lives said...

Thank you for your comment on Peter. The Lord is good. :) I have to admit at times it is a challenge to switch my brain from a high schooler to a pre-schooler. LOL!