Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We got the bug.  We think Christine brought it home from her road trip where she got it. She is all better now.  But when Joshua went down with the high fever this last Friday afternoon, I knew one of the remaining three "healthy" family members will get it, too.

Peter did not (or has not) get it.  Robert is doing fine.  Yep, I got it.  Yesterday afternoon when I got home from a book discussion gathering, I felt VERY tired.  It was as though all of the energy was zapped out of my body.  I rest in the couch and FELL ASLEEP!  On a Monday afternoon.  That is just not like me at all.

Anyway, I got it, whatever that's going around.  I have been resting as much as I could and drink what seems to be gallons of water.  I am feeling better now but still having some sort of body ache.

When you are a mom, it is almost as an unspoken rule that you just can't get sick.  I am thankful though that Christine was able to take care of Peter for me and she even took care of me.  Thank you Lord for a sweet girl!

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