Friday, January 28, 2011

Oatmeal Breakfast

I am sure there are hundreds of ways to eat oatmeal.  In our home, it had always been just plain old oatmeal cook with water and milk and load tons of brown sugar on top of it right before serving, that was, until three years ago. 

When I was pregnant with Peter,  I found a good way of eating oatmeal by soaking the old fashion rolled oats overnight and then cook them with water and milk like I used to, BUT, I served it with a thin slice of the Irish Gold butter (yum), a little coconut oil (when I have it), Maple syrup and crushed almonds.  It was so tasty and healthy that I ate it through the entire pregnancy and beyond. 

When Peter was two, I introduced him to oatmeal. He loved it!  Last month I decided to change the texture a little, adding some extra protein in the oatmeal by dropping an egg in it during the last minute of cooking.  The egg actually makes the oatmeal tasted smoother.  I then added the maple syrup on top of the oatmeal before I served it to Peter.  No butter, oil or almonds.  He loves it that way, too! 

In case you wonder, I did not invent the egg thing. :) I was raised eating oatmeal cooked with white sugar and egg. No soaking or the yummy toppings.

I love serving my children this breakfast, it gives me a chance to tell them stories of what I ate when I was a child.

 Yes, this is how I taught Peter to eat his oatmeal - transfer a couple spoons full to a smaller bowl, that way it cools off faster.  My other three children did the same thing too when they were younger. 

 Peter was having a little hard time picking up the oatmeal here... Where is your other hand, Pete?

 Now, much better, with the other hand helping to tilt the bowl a little to scoop out the oatmeal.

All gone! I am teaching Peter to stack the bowls together and soon I will have him carry them to the kitchen sink.

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