Monday, December 21, 2009

Twenty-One Months Old

Peter turned 21 months old last Saturday. My goal is to document his monthly growth until he turns two, just for the fun of it.

Peter is:
- eating more of the food we are eating (alleluia!)
- more focus on his playing with toys.
- playing with his blow gun for a good whole hour!
- learned more sign language - more, cracker, songs.
- loves playing with wood puzzles.
- solved his first wood puzzles about two weeks ago.
- walked down stairs holding on the side of the stair wall and my hand.
- walking up stair by himself with one of us followed close behind.
- understood more word phrases from us such as "Just look", "This is ___'s stuff, go play with yours", "turn off the lights and go play over there", "stay away from this", "you want mommy fix this for you?" etc.
- knows that if he wants to have the Christmas lights turned on, he would just go by the switch (located behind the closed door) and signal us over to turn it on for him.
- calls the Christmas blinking lights "stars".
- squeals when the Christmas tree is lit.
- has not destroyed the Christmas tree.
- knows if he wants to listen to the Christmas music boxes, he will signal us to turn off the Christmas tree lights first (Joshua started that game with him and he is sticking with it).
- needs a hair cut badly.
- likes to keep his fingers clean.
- still likes to be read to.
- still likes flipping through chapter books.
- dances every time a "dancing tune" is on.
- loves to laugh with us.

The biggest one, your first day at the church's nursery yesterday and you showed us that you are secured. You liked it so much that you wish you could stay longer when we came to pick you up (I had such a mixed emotion about it). Since you like the worship music so much, we decided to only take you to the nursery after the worship is over and before the sermon begins.

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