Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dick and Jane

I love the Dick and Jane books. I found this book at a bookstore a few years ago. I did not know Peter would actually show interest in looking at it. I sat down and read to him and he seemed to enjoy the book tremendously. I kept seeing him looking at the book everyday.

I know I will always have a book mess when there is a toddler at home (it was the same with the other three when they were younger) but I truly don't mind the mess at all. It means they were having a good time reading. As my three older kids grew, they did learn to automatically put the books away when they finished reading. Peter will be doing the same when his time comes. :)

He's so into the book here that he didn't even pay any attention to me.

There's a lot of writing on this page but it started with just "Go, Jane, go." on the first page. The format of the book is so clever, as it really draws him into reading the following pages.

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