Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Home Page Pruning

I have, from the beginning, designated this blog to be a personal journal.  I started this blog because my son and his family was moving away - far away, in the very, very cold North Dakota. 

My daughter-in-law told me she created a blog and I said, great, I will create one, too, so we could keep in touch.

Then Facebook hit and seemed like all the friends are meeting each other all over again, virtually.  I still remember the echoing of  "Are you my FB friend?  No?  I want you to be my friend there. It is really cool."

It was fun in the beginning, I was making albums after albums there (I have deleted many since then).  Then I began to realize I could not keep up with all of the friends status updates.  I was sucked into that time eating monster.  So I stopped showing up.  My friends did not miss me, as they themselves have many friends to keep up with. The only time I would go on there is when I post Christine's photo work or to see how my son's family is doing. While I was on, I would visit a little bit with my FB friends, but I have control now, I have set a time limit there.

At the same time, I blog.

I found that I enjoy blogging much more than facebooking (I made that word up, too).  It is calmer.  It is like writing about my family history.  I used to scrapbook big time, I have not touched much of that hobby since Peter was born (I need to get back to it, hopefully soon).

I wrote about how I want my blog to look like here and so far I have stuck to it.  This year, though, I am going to simplify it even more.  I have decided to take off the Follower tab as this is never going to be a business generating or a popular blog, hence no need for the keeping of that tab.

The older I get, the more I yearn for a simplier life (it does not neccesary mean an easier life).  I want that to be reflected in my blog.

I read some blogs on a daily basis. I have learned a great deal from the home-makers of my older son's generation even.  In some cases, blogging can actually bless one's life if done properly.

I will be joining some linkies so I could keep the perk part of the blogging aspect up, and if you are reading this, thanks for stopping by.  Please know that I truly appreciate your time and your encouragement.

Here I leave you with a picture of...

Peter and his people, again! :)

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