Monday, January 17, 2011

No Bread Of Idleness

When my family (except Peter & I) were gone most of last week, I set out to make our home a haven when they return.

Well, it did not exactly happen the way I envisioned it, but, a lot of things did get done.

* I finished all of the laundries - We had to switch days because the older kids needed to have their bags packed.
* I washed all the rags and put them all away.  Love my "rolling table" and the one-motion task!
*Bedding laundry- Ditto! Tip:  If you only own one set of bedding (get a pretty set) for each bed you have, the problem of folding fitted sheet is gone. I like to fold fitted sheets, though.  I know, I am odd.  Been told that many times. LOL!
*scrubbed the sink and counter top.
*Cleaned off the counter - my little victory - now comes the maintaining part. A Commend Center, that's what I need...
*Paid the dental bill over the phone.
* Re-organized Peter's toys - temporarily.  I have to see if this will work for training him to clean-up after himself.  So far he is doing a great job.  I think it is because the center is not as overwhelming as the huge drawers from his train table.
*Mr. Clean Erasered (another made-up word by me) the door to the garage and the fridge front.
*Cleaned up the freezer (thanks to the 21 days cleaning & organizing challenge - I am late to that challenge, so I use it as a visual reminder to clean and organize.)
*Make a new chore post for the family (I included Peter this time to help Joshua sweep the front porch.)
*Revised all of my routines.  Now with Robert home, I am readjusting our daily routes. Glad he is home and sad he is home, such a mixed feeling.
*Found a new home for my cookbooks in the kitchen.
*Tried a new Zucchini/Potato pancake recipe.  Peter and I ate five of them together.  They are so yummy and healthy, and I had a bunch leftover for the rest of the family to eat the morning after they returned.
The list went on and on...
It was the quietest four days I have had since Robert and I got married.  I had a taste of the "Empty Nest" almost, especially when Peter was down for his nap and for the night.
I got a lot done without having to take the kids to places.  But I surely did not have very good sleep as I missed my family so much!
I am glad they are home.  It is nice to be needed.

Here are some before & afters:

We took out Peter's train table to make room for the Christmas tree.  Robert loves the space we have after the tree was gone and did not want me to put the table back.  But this is what happen when the storage system is missing!

My temporarily toy storage solution.  "Sense and Sensibility" is playing in the background as I was doing my cleaning - late at night.  I think I know that movie by heart now after so many viewings. LOL! 

 So far Peter is very cooperated with the cleaning-up time.  He actually remember the placement of the containers.  I think I will keep this system up until I could think of a better one.

Freezer.  Not really messy but sure can use a little cleaning and straightening.

Ahhh.... Much better!

 Freezer door - I really dislike bags in the freezer...

 I've finally gotten enough of my emptied coffee container!  Don't they look cute AND functional?

I am sure you don't have this scribbling problems on your door...?

and the run-away alphabet magnets?  We love making up words with these strayed alphabets but I have to say those black marks they leave behind drove me crazy!

Well, nothing Mr. Clean Eraser can't handle...  I wore gloves though as I have no clue what kind of chemical it might contain.

CLEAN DOOR!!! Love it!

  Basket that holds my cookbooks and on top of my refrigerator so they don't have to hog my counter space!  Living in a small space sure has its share of storage challenge.

 My new yummy breakfast recipe!  Don't they look delicious?

 Leftovers for the clan when they came in.  They love it and devoured the whole thing!  I will make some more in the coming days.

My ditto list while the big part of my family was gone.

 Don't remember seeing the counter this bare since the day we moved in here fifteen years ago...

 Everything back into its place.  Loving my new family chore post in front of the cabinet door.

This was the counter top stash we had to sort through.  It's almost done.  Can't believe how long this is taking due to the fact that there were millions of little pieces of papers containing personal information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers.  These are also junk for the five of us.

I made sure the first thing that greeted my family was a calm kitchen when they walked in at midnight ~ and it was.

♥ ♥ ♥

~She watches over the ways of the household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.  Proverbs 31:27~

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Jamie~ said...

Good for you! That looks awesome and it must feel wonderful. What a great use of your time.

PS I have Sense and Sensibility memorized, too!

The Pennington Point said...

I LOVE getting things all straight and cleaned up. I try to use Thursday nights to get everything back in order from the messes that get made all week and prepared for the business of the weekend. I'm so glad o meet you. I found you from Jamie's motherhood link party. Lisa~

Jamie~ said...

Yay! Thanks for linking up! I loved seeing you over at my place.

Our Lives said...

@ Jamie,
If I live close to you I may just do that! LOL! I do love to organize, especially in tight spaces with items I already have. That's a big part of the fun. :)
@ Lisa, Nice meeting you, too. :) I really like how you transfer one of your boys room (the lego storage). Have fun on your trip!