Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blogging Anniversary

Today marks my first blogging anniversary. 210 posts! I didn't know I had that much to write about.

I have learned so much from the blog land this past year. Now I want to look back at the motivation for my blogging.

In the beginning, I blog so I could stay in touch with my dear son's family. Which didn't last very long as he and his wife are more active on Face Book. Then I realized the blog background sort of provide a "scrapbooking" feel for me to put my family's stories and photos on it since I don't have time to do the real scrapbooking thing this past year for my family.

Blogging has also provided a place for me to practice my writing. I discovered by blogging that my writing style tend to lean toward documentation, which is fine with me as biographies are one my favorite type of books for reading. Short captions sometimes saved the day too when I had busy schedules. I love to write when I was a young girl (in Chinese). Since I missed out on a great part of my formal education due to the war and the roller coaster rides of my life thereafter, my love of writing dwindled. I would like to pick it up again but at this season of my life, blogging is the only way I could do a little of it and not having to feel the pressure of writing assignments. I also love reading other well written blogs for practical and spiritual inspirations.

The minimalist in me... In the early blogging months, I tried to make my blog filled with many gadgets. The more the merrier. I had bookshelves, music and "artistic" backgrounds etc. (no ads though) I have since removed all of them and feel such calmness when I come to my blog. I like that a lot. My life is busy enough, so my blog layout is reflecting a place where I really wish to be someday in real life - simple and peaceful.

The cook and the economist in me... Since last year, I have tried out so many home-made recipes I got from other bloggers, both eatable and uneatable. The ones that are staying strong in my home are the home-made yogurt, green smoothie, chicken stock, quick dishes, dish washer detergent, laundry detergent, and some more. I also move forth with the 3R (reduce, re-purpose and recycle) with vigor thanks to the advocates from some great "green" bloggers.

Magazine subscription. I have stopped all of my magazine subscriptions as we are buckling down for a more sensible budget. The truth is, who needs magazines when you have so many wonderful bloggers out there at just the click of your finger tip? If I want to learn how to do something, I just Google it. I like it as there's one less paper clutter I have to deal with and lighter on the wallet (Robert really likes this one. He never was crazy about my magazine collection).

Blogging is like having pen pals (I am dating myself here) all over the states and overseas. When I was growing up, I always wish I could travel abroad. So when my writing teacher suggested the pen pal assignment, I was delighted. I had a pen pal from Hong Kong for a few years until the war ended and we were cut off from writing to each other.

I am not sure how much more becomings my blog will be this next year, but as for now, I am having a marvelous time posting glimpses of our lives.

~Below are some of my favorite headers I used for this blog last year. Christine and I had so much fun creating them.


Jamie~ said...

Congratulations!! That is truly an accomplishment.

I can't wait to read all your posts in the next year.

Amy said...

Blogging is such great fun, isn't it?
I agree with the magazine subscription thing, I have a hard time getting to mine b/c I'm always reading blogs!
I love your headers, especially the last 2, they are so clean and simple, also love that font..
Keep up the great work!