Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Christmas Highlight

It was the most blessed Christmas we have ever had by far.  It was simple but we were shown much love through this holiday season.  We have so much to be thankful for, even with the bad news of a job loss. 

The biggest one was the Re-Fi.  It went through before Robert lost his job.  Although the monthly payment is higher but we were finally allowed to buy off the city and the builders shares of our home.  Praise the Lord!

To ease the blow of the laid off, Robert's company gave us and the kids some nice Christmas gifts and the severance pay (which we will live on until he finds another job).  Praise the Lord!

The last day of his employment, our beloved daughter wanted to cheer his dad up a bit by getting two movie tickets and pushed us out the door to spend an evening with each other.  Right before we left, my dear friend CW dropped by and blessed us with a gift of a one night get-a-way.  Thank you, Lord, for loved ones and dear friends!

We received monetary gifts from families, and a mysterious gift in the card which encouraged us to obtain the tree.  Praise the Lord!

All of these blessings I will remember forever.  Thank you, Lord.

We did not have a big budget for Christmas this year, in fact, we paid everything with cash.  Such a wonderful feeling of not having to worry about the repayment at the end of the month.  Because the children had a few gifts from friends and families, we scaled back giving them anything but little stocking gifts.

Christine got herself two lenses with the money she made and saved.  Joshua bought his Wii, which he has waited until he saved up enough to get it and SHARE it with all of us!  Delay gratification is such a wonderful thing to see especially when it took place in front of your eyes. 

All in all, this will be an unforgettable Christmas season for us.  I took some pictures of some moments and the gifts we received...

 Peter fell in love with this Chess ornament and thought it made a good cell phone to call his big brother with.  All we needed to say was "go call Erik!" and he would fly over there and picked up the ornament and started talking to it. 

 Peter LOVED the Christmas music and lights.  This was what I kept finding him doing so I snapped a photo of it.  I think I video taped that too with the music in it...

 Christmas breakfast.  Everyone enjoyed it!

 Robert surprised us with a web cam to skype with Erik!  That was so fun!

 Of course, we must watched "Charlie Brown's Christmas" and "It's a wonderful life"!

 These were what I got for Joshua and Christine in which I wrapped with the tablecloth. :)  They loved the presents (Whew!)

We got some Leap Frog books from a friend after Christmas.  Her son out grew them and she wanted to pass them on.  This page is one of Peter's favorites, I kept finding him on this same page... :)

Joshua's Wii.  Robert went to the Dollar Tree and got him some swords hook-ons (?)  Our favorite family game so far is bowling.

A pretty gift from a dear friend.  I almost did not want to eat the cake because it looked so pretty with the bow on.  We finally ate it tonight and it was delicious!

When we were getting ready to leave for our get-a-way, Peter blocked the door with the Gatorade pack and himself, not wanting to let us go.  My sweet boy!

We went to Santa Babara.  This is "our " pier now (long story), we would like to come back here annually if possible.

 We also went to the Santa Babara Mission.  It is a magnificent building.  Joshua took California History last year and he built a model of this mission and now we could tell him the Mission really does look grand!  Hope to take the kids there some days soon.  I think they will like it.

 A nice guy took a picture for us.

 We went to the Botanical Garden.  Here is the Japanese tea House.  I think this place will look hundred times better in summer.

 The amazing waterworks system.

After we returned from the outing, we went to a new year's eve gathering at our friend's home.  Carrie and her family were there too.  Here is her sweet boy with his grandpa.  Love his eyes!  (photo by Christine)

We stayed up till the ball dropped and took a picture of Christine and Joshua with the clock, signifying an end of a year and welcoming of the new one. (photo by Robert)

Until next time,
~Wish you and yours a very happy new year!~

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