Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am home alone right now... OK, Peter is taking a nap, hence the feeling alone. :)  Robert is still in the Bay Area and Christine and Joshua are at the movie house watching Toy Story 3 with Christine's friends.

It feels strange to blog after such a long break.  I felt like there are so much to write about yet I can't seem to put them into words.

June has been busier than I have expected. 

Band performance; Christine's photo walk; promotion night; graduation parties; CAP volunteering events; two weddings; took Christine to locations to complete her service hours requirement; attended the "Life After High School" meeting; summer park day; news of my FIL's failing health (that's why Robert is there now to see what he could do to help); an acquaintance whose 18 year-old committed suicide and a wonderful homeschooling pioneer is losing his wife to the fight of cancer are all wrap together in this month. 

Being alone right now is good for me.

I need it.

Went to see the doctor for my own health.  Everything is fine except for one part.  I will have to go back for another simple test again next week.

I eat healthily, no drinking, smoking or drug in my diet.  I should be fine.  Ok, maybe I do need to go exercising a bit.  I think I ought to do some walking or maybe mopping the floor to get my body more in shape...

I miss Robert but knowing it is good for him to be there with his family outweighs the loneliness I feel here.  The children have been behaving themselves.  It is just that even our favorite homemade hamburgers and fries didn't taste right without Daddy being here to enjoy it with us.

I can't wait to drive up there to see him and the family soon!

I am rambling today but truly I really am enjoying my little quiet time here.  And the T.J. Black Cocoa Almonds makes the time even more enjoyable.  Oh, I forgot, I an supposed to be on a low sugar diet. Urg!

Well, I will start that diet tomorrow... Lord willing.

Father's Day - Robert is a great dad to our kids!  They love him so!!!!

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