Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday: My Menu System Part 2

It has been a week since I finally tackled the menu system project and we have been enjoying the flexibility of choosing, sticking, switching the dinner peels.  As I am on a mission in making more of our family's favorite dinner Peels, I ran into a small (very small) issue.

Remember I concluded My Menu System post by saying I might keep the off season or extra Peels in a Ziploc Bag and keep them in a kitchen drawer near by?  Well, being so green conscience, I try to stay away from Ziploc if possible.  After giving it some thought, I decide to take advantage of my HMB by utilizing the menu planning section.  So I made up some simple but fun looking "boards" to organize and store the extra peels, and place the thin boards in my Menu section of the HMB.

The Saving Dinner cookbook offers four season recipes. It helps us to eat what is in season. I love it!  I have some old scrapbook stickers and I thought I would dress the boards up a little. :)

My HMB is getting full.  I eventually may have to create a separate binder just for the recipes.

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This post is linked to Amy's Tuesday's AP party.  Amy has been so gracious in hosting this link party to encourage and help motivate bloogers like me to get our back log projects done.  Thank you, Amy. ♥


Super Mom Academy said...

Is HMB a home management book?
You are really flying! See you soon.


Super Mom Academy said...

Is HMB a home management book?
You are so organized!
See you soon

Our Lives said...

Pam, it is my Home Management Binder (AKA FLYlady's Control Journal). Have you seen my revised binder? Do you want me to bring my Menu Board to the meeting for show and tell? :)