Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday: Garage

I hope I am not over my head. I started my minimizing of the papers yesterday and now I am trying to get the garage in order.

I felt energized after donating a whole bunch of stuff to a rummage sale at my church to help send the young girls on a learning camp.

The garage seemed to open up a bit and that gave me hope that I can actually tackle it. Before the donation, I couldn't move around in it much when the car is parked in there.

I used to keep the garage tidy due to my conducting of the scrapbooking workshops in there, but since I took a break from the workshops, my garage has become a dungeon and kept all of the stuff prisoners there.

My first area to attack is the toy shelves. You are looking at the plastic tubs that I have had for years. I stopped buying containers since mid 1990. I covered up the toy box fronts with some left over construction papers to hide the visual chaos in the boxes.

It is a bigger job than I have anticipate, so I will share the before pictures here and the afters when it is done (hopefully by this weekend).

It used to look like this...

and this...

But now... These are things for the sale last weekend.

Now I am ready to work!


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Amy Bowman said...

You know I love your posts! Great job on the garage, featuring you on "AP tuesdays" tomorrow. Actually, the post will go up around 9:30 tonight:)

Our Lives said...

Thank you Amy for your continue encouragement. It is so more fun to blog when you know someone actually enjoy your thought or idea!