Saturday, May 8, 2010

Minimize it Monday: Paper Tiger

I have always wondered if it is possible to live a paperless modern life?

Seems like no matter how hard I have tried to tame that paper tiger, it just keeps on roaring back at me.

I almost dreaded to pick up this minimizing task. But, I have to start from some where to get it under control.

Then I looked around and realized I have not just one, or two, but three file cabinets/drawer in this tiny house!

Please don't ask me what do I have in them, because honestly, I don't remember. Ever since I discovered the online bill paying and other nifty online filing system, I kinda live in a denial world of my pre-existing paper mess.

I seemed to have a "system" of filing the old papers... I "remember" in which general location I put certain papers... LOL! Well, at least they are not jumping out of the folders, they just don't have all the labellings on them and some of the folders are just a bit bulgy.

No problem, I will try taming this paper tiger again , I should "eat" it like I do with my "elephant", one bite at a time. Right?

So I worked on this latest filing drawer while Peter took his nap. I really took my time and went through every single piece of paper. It was such a great feeling tossing those papers away! Wish I did this sooner.

Well, one down, two more to go. Maybe after all, it is possible to live paperless!

Before ~ Looked organized but it was not...

I cleared out 2/3 of the files. Most of the papers were obsoleted (as expected). The only things I still have in this file drawer are school related papers. My goal is to get all of these loose papers into this white school folder. I will take care of them later as my work time is up (Peter woke up from his nap).

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