Thursday, May 13, 2010

Month of May

The past week just zoomed by! We are half way in May already! Some times I wonder if I could ever savor this month?
I love the month of May. It is like a new beginning and it has Mother's Day in it. However, there also seemed to be so much to do or to finish.
Since I have determined that 2010 is the year I am to get our home back in order and continue to instill some good habits in our children's lives, I have found myself constantly thinking up little projects.
I think the reason I felt like the time is flying by is because I am caught up with Christine's excitement of her photography events. Christine is excited as she just did another family location shooting and two wedding photo shooting opportunities are in the horizon. I am so happy for her. She really is serious about this photography thing. I hope that the Lord will help her to capture the essence of all that's around her.
Finding joy in the midst of all of these seemingly chaos is not that hard when you have a toddler in the house. Peter always has a way to get to my heart and put a smile on my face. I love him so!
So even for this extremely busy month, I have found joy in spending time with my children and snap away with my (not Christine's) camera, most of all, make lasting memories with them.

Joshua had fun inventing this model.

He even put a little motor with it so it could spin. But he forgot to put it away at night...

Guess who found it in the morning? He had the "Ooops... Hi Mommy..." look. LOL!

I found him doing this this morning. I just love those little "piggies" on his feet.

Peter is really good with toys that have very small pieces. He is one of those little kids that won't put everything into the mouth but play with them. Thank the Lord for that!!!

Did I say I like the month of May? I went to another Tea the day before Mother's Day. It was lovely... (Picture taken by Christine)

I got to visit with my friends... Here is Annette with me. (Pic taken by a friend)

Here is our daughters.
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M-V Legacy said...

Mrs. Roe,

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my recent blog post.

I have really been enjoying reading about how you are implementing FlyLady's system for you and your family. I have tried FlyLady a couple times but it never really lasted long for me.

~ Melinda ~

Gaertegang said...

Sweet pics!

Mama Vivas said...

You take lovely pictures.

Jamie~ said...

What a fun month for you so far! There's rarely a season that's low-key and easy when you have kids, so I can't imaging what it must be like with toddlers and teenagers at the same time.

We're working on making 2010 a year that we change some things around in our family and home, too. Isn't it great how God is constantly at work on us all?

SmallWorld at Home said...

Beautiful pics, and yes--those little piggies are just precious!

Joyfull said...

Love the pics! What a sweet family. I enjoy the month of May also.

Our Lives said...

Thank you for your kind words, ladies. I forgot to note that the flowers pic was taken by Christine and the one of me and Annette was taken by a friend. The rest is by me.:)

It's so funny, before Christine launched on the photography thing, I was never that aware of who takes what pictures. The credit thing you know. LOL!

@ Melinda ~ I enjoy reading your blog and I think it is a great idea that you three are doing it together.♥

@ Jamie ~ I agree! I am glad the Lord is not finished with me yet! My teens love their baby brother and I don't have a baby sitter problem. :) Actually, we rarely use baby sitters when the other three were growing up. We heard too many scary stories. We just did a lot of family activities but now My hubby and I could go out more often because of having our precious teens taking care of their little brothers. ♥