Thursday, April 29, 2010


Have you seen any of the Tim Hawkins videos? If you have not, get yourself some laughs by checking it out.

This particular one "Tim on parenting" we saw about a month ago gave us some great laughs and every time I said the word "careful!" I think of him.

Two mornings ago, Peter were laying on my bed with me and we could hear Robert in the shower. Suddenly, something fell and made a rather loud crashing sound. Little Peter's respond was: caREful...". It was so funny! he didn't actually said the word but he imitated the sound of the word and the expression. It was one of those priceless moment!

Anyway, I hope you are posting your just for the joy of it stories today. I am sort of under the weather and not feeling all together... but will check on the stories later this evening....

Can't post without a picture, this one was the winner of the week. Enjoy!

Peter made himself a pair of "cool looking shoes".

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