Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday: Catch Up

I am a day late in posting.

This past week has been one of those wonderful busy weeks. I was so busy and happy to see my son and his family that I practically did not think about or do much of anything else.

That's a good thing as I won't have any guilt of not tackling any delinquent projects ~ which including finishing up the table.

The house of course is out of sort, but that's nothing we can't fix, I just spent some time this morning cleaning up all of the dishes and stove top. Wiped down the counter and it is good to go again. Well, half of the counter at least. I still need to clear out the stack of articles and papers on the other end of my counter. That part of the counter is my "extremely hot" hot spot! LOL! If I don't take care of that area on a daily bases, it just swallows up the whole area, like right now. No worry though, I will get to it and it will be done. 15 minutes at a time or even 15 second at a time right?

I was going to post a picture of my still cluttered counter but have decided to post some of the fun pictures with my kids and grand kids instead.

Have a wonderful week!

The family band

A family game

Bubble fun!

Favorite snack ~ home made croutons

Watching Winnie the Pooh

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