Monday, April 19, 2010

Minimize it Monday: Cook Books

I am not a chef. Cooking for me is responsibility I must adhere. Feeding my family is a duty I don't want to neglect.

In the past, I have struggled with cooking tremendously. I would buy all sort of cook books to get me excited for cooking. I remember I couldn't cook without having a nice picture next to a recipe. Because of that insecurity, I ended up with *lots* of cookbooks.

The sad truth was, most of them just sat there on the bookshelf as displays. Most of the cookbooks I would probably tested only two or three recipes from them.

About ten years ago, I started the FLYlady system (still doing it but not as diligent), she has recommended simple dinner recipes through the cook book called "Saving Dinner". I was delighted and ordered one. I must say it is truly a cook book I would recommend for moms who's fortes are not in cooking but desire to serve her family with healthy food using common household ingredients that she perhaps already have on hand.

Oh, and let's not forget: "SAVING DINNER" IS A PICTURE LESS COOK BOOK! Ha!

Until I have a change of heart about being an avid cook, I will stick with this cookbook and put/give the rest away.

Cooking has been easier since I made up my mind to stick with my stir-fries and that one cookbook. Another good thing, the recipe varieties have not been compromised. I may never be a chef, but I can cook now and my family even have their favorites from my cooking. Imagine that.

The book is well used as you can see from the worn edges of the cover and pages...

and I book marked it with yellow post-it notes and noted how well a recipe is loved. This one is one of the favorites as you can tell by the notes.

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