Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun Time

It is so hard to believe that one week has gone by since Erik has been here. We had so much fun together that I know it would be hard to readjust once they return home.

Last night we had a laughing spell during a game playing. We like the monopoly game a lot in this household. Erik brought with him the new version of the game called Anti-monopoly. It plays differently than the original one, rule wise. I didn't join them (I was too tired to think) but I listened to to their talks while they played the game (I love listening to my children enjoying each other's company). I don't know who started it, but before I knew it, we were laughing uncontrollably! Joshua even rolled on the floor, that's how serious the laughing spell was! Erik for some reason just knew which laughing button to push on us! I felt like I had exercised a whole evening with all the laughing we did.

I wish I took some pictures of them playing the game but, yah, I was too busy laughing!

I did have some other pictures of the kids though...

Erik gave Joshua a military hair cut. I miss Josh's curly hair!

Erik giving a presentation at our CAP squadron. He captivated the whole audience, even the Senior members! I am so proud of him. He definitely was blessed with the gift of speech.

Popsicle time - Peter just chowed down that treat!

Ezri was taking it easy, she wanted to savor every bite...

Roxas needed some help and auntie Christine came to the rescue.

We have this puzzle that is missing one piece and Ezri was just really bugged by it (she is a wonderful puzzle solver btw), so Peter decided to improvise...

A 3-D car puzzle piece that fits the slot perfectly!


This joyful post is linked to Sharon's just for the joy of it Thursday!


Gaertegang said...

Hey thanks for stopping in earlier! I always love hearing from you. Ohhh my kiddos LOVE puzzles to. No matter what age they always seems to be draw to fun of it! Have a good week!

Jamie~ said...

Oh, I love laughing like that! You give me such hope for raising my kids the right way!

Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

That must have been the best game of Monopoly ever! How fun to hear all of your children together... their laughter must have filled up your heart!

isn't God good?!