Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - Cabinet #1

Today's task was actually accomplished over the weekend and I was very happy that this cabinet finally get rearranged. I was getting really tired of looking at the mess every time I opened the door.

Before. We mainly keep all the sugar, vitamins and medicines in this cabinet, along with some "drop-ins and drop-bys". For some reason, I never thought of organizing it. Perhaps it is because I have been able to find what I needed without much trouble, but it sure looked cluttered.

After. Ahhh... much better. I moved all of the sugar and tea bags (in my recycled glass jars) to the bottom shelf and vitamin on the second shelf. Medicines and miscellaneous items stay on the third shelf. I gave and threw away lots of stuff. Felt really liberated doing so. :)

Behind the big bottles of vitamins, I corralled the small ones in a plastic shoe box I have laying around. I love this one-motion type of organization.

On the third shelf, I have two baskets. The front basket houses all of the medicines and in the back, I keep the off season and extra (useful) items in my little Longaberger basket. The pretty baskets hide the small (and unsightly) items well.

After all of the "hard work" (took me about an hour. Through out the process I gave much thought on how often each item will be used and how we could reach the items effortlessly - hence the hour long task), I decided to put together these tulips in a pretty vase that were given to us and how odd that the M&M color actually matches the color of the tulips.

I suppose I could have done more than one task, but I want to pace myself this time. We have started to minimizing our "stuff" and we are taking the delinquents very slowly and seriously. No more crash and burn.
To me, organization is like life. It is a progression. Organization requires self control (stop the impulsive shopping), self discipline (pick up after ourselves). However, a big doze of grace from God is also there for the taking (when we messed up or feel overwhelmed).

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Budgets are the New Black said...

Great organization, but I have to say the flowers are my favorite part! (Even more than the M&M's ;)

Our Lives said...

Aren't the flowers lovely? We are having Daffodils in that same vase right now. The yellow hue is beautiful in its own way.