Monday, March 8, 2010

Minimize it Monday - less IS more

Last week after the local FLY meeting I was recommended to this website While checking it out I noticed the Minimalism tab on the sidebar. It perked my interest instantly. Went there and was once again being inspired by the less IS more concept.

Since Joshua also show great interest in the concept, the whole week our exciting conversations involved words like de-cluttering, purging, parting, un-attaching, throwing away, giving away, downsizing, minimizing, etc., you got the picture. What joy it is to have a common interest with my dear boy.

I thought of what timing it was for me to see this website. I am ready for Amy's Anti-Procrastination link party tomorrow and now my head is full of even more ideas on how to de-junk our home! I decided to post my minimizing effort on Mondays. Of course the speed of this minimizing project will have to depend on my time availability as well. Since we homeschool, we are usually busy in the morning and when evening comes, some times I am just plain tired and not wanting to do anything.

By the way, I am not in any hurry to "clean out" our place because it took me *many* years to accumulate all the junk so it will take a while to clear them out. I've learned the virtue of patience. :)

Today, I only minimized the table services and some utensils. I have this lovely Longaberger basket so I decided to do a test run by putting the most used items in the basket for this week. Living only with four knives, four forks, four large spoons and four small spoons (I already tested the utensils months ago) to see if it will help to cut down on the dish washing time. I will have the "test result" next week.

I hope to minimize the dishes next.

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