Monday, March 8, 2010


I think last week was the busiest week of the year thus far. It seemed like we had classes/activities days and nights. It went so fast that this morning when I was taking Robert to the bus station we actually had to think what we did over the week that somehow it seemed so unreal that we are on Monday morning already.

The extra things we did on top of a already busy schedule were the local Fly meeting (for me). Extra long band rehearsal (Josh), Opening Baseball game (Josh), Help a dear family pack for the move (Robert and Christine). Joshua's band concert (all of us), Last basketball game (Christine and Robert), Mock trial year end party (Christine and I), O-ride, a CAP activity (Joshua and Robert) and that, my friends, concluded our eventful week.

It is easy for me to lose sight sometimes when we get so busy, that WHY are we so busy. Frustrations sometimes is in the mix as well. I usually regain my sanity the day after a busy week and am always thankful for the opportunities to serve my children in their learning years. I thank the Lord for these busy times as they will serve as wonderful memories years later when Robert and I are old.

Warm-up time.

That would be me the whole way through if I play the Saxophone!

Last basketball game of the season. The team will be leaving for the tournament in two weeks. Joshua's baseball game got cancelled at the last minute so we rushed over to see the last part of Christine's game. Christine did well, she scored 9 points.

Christine and her daddy returned later to cheer for the Varsity team.

After that, they went to this yogurt place called Wild Cherry. Christine's Coaches treated her entire team for some yummy yogurt. The decor was amazing according to them. Robert took some pictures of the chandelier. This one came out great. Hmmm.... I think I may have found a cute place for a night out with Robert...

After that Christine and I went to the Mock Trial Year End party.
They did another "paper plate award". Christine was described as the Most Elegant Display of Intellect. The picture her teacher drew on the paper plate was hilarious. Christine likes it though. In case you are wondering, it IS a picture of a brain with sun glasses and a pretty hat! LOL!

These next two pictures are a bit fuzzy as they were taken by Robert's cell phone. Joshua was walking to the airplane.

He flew this plane (with the instructor, of course). :)

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