Thursday, March 25, 2010


It all started yesterday when Christine offered to serve us breakfast.
I was feeding Peter his breakfast when Christine asked:
"Mom and Josh, would you guys like some eggs for breakfast?"
Would I??? Of course I would! How nice it was to have someone else cook breakfast for a turn, and it was not even Mother's Day.
As she was getting everything ready for the cooking, I decided to take a shower figuring she may need some "alone" time in the kitchen with her assignment. Yup, you heard me right, cooking breakfast for the family was one of her Home Ed homework assignment.

As I was taking my shower, I thought about how fortunate Christine was born in America, where girls have an opportunity to do things they truly like.
Growing up in a culture where girls were not treated as precious as boys, it had casted a shadow over my teen years when the time most learning in life took place. I remember being told that I only needed to get a great education and then my life would be where I wanted it to be. So I "walked out" of the kitchen, did not want to deal with anything domestic related.
As you know, no one could predict life except the Lord, It ended up that I had lost the chance to continue a "nice" education but instead, escaping from the horrid of communism at age 16 and became one of the infamous "boat people".
Life went on. But I was crippled in the paths of neither a "well educated super woman" nor a "domestic Diva". My first homemaking experience came when I got married. The only thing I knew how to do at that time was to boil water. No kidding. It was terrible. I felt so inadequate in the kitchen. It took me years to want to cook. Now cooking doesn't bother me any more but I did wish I learned it when I was younger.
I did not finish college either as I was too busy working and living life after graduated from high school. Yes, I was put into 11th grade due to my age when I first arrived here in America, whether I could handle it o not. I went to ESL classes day and night because I wanted to LIVE and not to just survive in this country.
Homeschooling my children gave me yet another chance to learn the language, the history and the culture of America. God is so good in His planning for me to have encountered some wonderful and encouraging homeschooling moms when we decided on the path of home educating our children.
Home Ed is big with me in my house, especially with Christine. We were in the Keeper's program and she had learned many lessons on the domestic realm alongside her academic achievement. Our hope - both Christine and I - is that Christine will be able to do more than boiling water when she gets married. With her education back ground to be {she wants to pursue law and photography after high school} she could work outside until they have a family and "walk back into the kitchen" with ease and readiness.
I am so grateful that Christine has the opportunity to choose and embrace both the career and domestic paths, here in America. Thanks be to God!

Breakfast served by Christine - Cheese Scrambled eggs with sugar Cinnamon toast and orange smoothie. It was yummy!

My beloved domestic girl. I so love this picture of her. She wore no make-up and was cheerfully serving her family.

My Christine and her friend at the Mock Trial competition.
This post is linked to Sharon's just for the joy of it! How interesting that Thursdays seem to have become a day I share the joy I have with my children. Thanks Sharon!


Jamie~ said...

Praise be to God!!

What an incredible testimony you have! I am in awe of God's work in your life and how you're using it to work in your children's lives.

Christine is truly blessed to have such a mother!

Sharon said...

WoW! I am so glad you shared a few moments from your testimony. How incredible to see God's hand at work in your life and the life of your kids. Don't you just marvel at how intimate and intricate HIS plan is?

Sometimes I just stand in AWE.

elizabeth said...

Thank you for your kind remarks left on my blog. I love your blog too!