Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paper Bags

Like most of you, I re-purpose my brown paper bags quite a bit. Below are some of the ways I have used the bags for. I don't have all the pictures but will update this post as the other re-purposed bag pictures become available.

I use the bag to ripen my avocado. Sometimes I'd put one or two bananas in it to speed up the ripen process. Like my bag clip?

When I have to blot away oil from some fried food, I will fold the bags three times for the job. It works beautifully...

even with really, really greasy food like draining the excess oil from french fries.

A perfect color for a man's gift,

and a boy's Christmas gift. Ok, for us girls too. :)

You have seen this one... Lining my cabinet shelves...

More shelf linings.

Another way to re-purpose the bags.

Yes, even in the bunny cage.

This one is a brand new white lunch paper bag. I thought I'd share with you a way to create a unique gift bag - this was for our valentine event last year.

Other ways I have used the bags for:
- Trash bag for my office area.
-Book covers.
-"butcher" paper for little Peter's drawing or scribblings.
and more...

How about you? What do you do with your paper bags?

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