Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Friday Part 1 :: Reagan Library

Yesterday was a busy day. We had a few things going on so I thought I'd divide them into three parts for labeling sake.

We had this wonderful school event called the Air Force One Discover Center Learning hands-On at the Reagan Library. The group of kids would be role playing in the Oval Office replica. There would be a President, a Major General and the Cabinet members.

Joshua auditioned for the roles a few weeks ago and he got to be the President! How fun!

Here are some photos of the event.

Meet the "President" and the "Major General".

and some of the "Cabinet members" Ms. Jodie, Ms. Kaylin, Ms. Sami and Ms. Emily.

First they toured the piece of Berlin wall (that is not a replica).

Then the Air Force One Aircraft.

Time to buckled down for work.

Cabinet members voting for the invatson of Grenada and to rescue 800 Science students.

The result is in. Ooooooooo, the "president" is calling using the RED phone!!!

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