Thursday, February 25, 2010

They made it!

Just for the joy of it, I like to share this good news with you!

They made it!!!

Christine and her Mock Trial teammates are going to compete their final round in the county's courthouse tonight! They have worked so hard to prepare themselves for the competition. I am so proud of them!

Christine is the prosecution pretrial attorney of her team this year and she has worked many long hours on getting her statement and argument down that it was just amazing for me to watch how her brain works. You go Christine!

I so wish to be able to go with Robert to watch the Final but it is hard as it won't end until way after Peter's bed time. Oh well... I guess I will just have to wait for the video.

I am so blessed to have a daughter. In my case, a very sweet and sensible one. I have always dreaded the teen years but Christine has shown me a rare, precious joy of being a mother of a teenage girl. Her understanding of life and her compassion toward others are beyond her age.

Thank you for being my daughter, my dearest. I love you.

Christine (left) with her friend Audrey in the jury room. Can you believe she is only 15 years old? Ok, maybe the braces gave her away. :)


Sharon said...

Congratulations Christine! THat is wonderful. What a great honor and privilege, I hope it goes great!!

(PS - Mom, I think having a delightful teenager can be attributed to some pretty awesome parents. :-)

Jamie~ said...

Wow! How awesome is that! Hard work really does pay off.

I pray that I can have such a blessed relationship with my daughters as you do with yours.

Good luck Christine!

Joyfull said...

Wow, congratulations, she is a beautiful 15 and must be very mature and wise for her age. Good luck tonight!!

Our Lives said...

Thank you ladies. The team placed third in the finals. Christine said they will strive for first place next year. Just love their energy!

Budgets are the New Black said...

She is a beautiful young woman. You have every right to be very, very proud. Is this Forensics Debate? I'm sorry if you have mentioned the name before. It's not something I did in high school myself -- the program wasn't very good in our small school -- but I believe it or something like it is one of the best things that students can participate in. What poise and articulation it requires! And of course, intelligence! Well-earned congratulations to your daughter.

Our Lives said...

Thank you Jolyn. :)
It is Mock Trial. MT is a program founded by CRF and it was started for the purpose of training the young people the basics of a real trail. The students pose as attorneys, witness, bailiffs, etc. and it is a very challenging academic program. I call it the brain competition. LOL! They are graded by their critical thinking skill, poise and how accurately they portrait their roles.