Friday, January 8, 2010

Table Utensil Drawer

Since Christine is on her road trip this weekend, I took over one of her chores - unloading the dishes. As I was putting away the table utensils I noticed the drawer was in dire of a reorganization. As my organization motto for this year is again to "Do the next thing", so I did the next thing! I cleared out all of the extras and the drawer looks much better instantly and now I can see everything at a glance.

Drawer - Before

Drawer - After

We love homemade Popsicles but it has been too cold (even for the kids) to make some this last month. The molds just got tossed into the drawer. It created such a visual mess. No more. I found a permanent home for them...

Next to my other Snapwares on the bottom shelf of my cabinet (directly underneath the table utensils drawer) - Easy access for the kids.
Some of the extra pieces got put in this re-used gallon bag for later dealing. The rest, bye-bye.

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