Monday, January 11, 2010

I've been busy

I've been busy though it is a very good thing. I decided to start cleaning again. FLYlady would be proud of me. January always gives me that fresh start feeling. A fresh brand new year ahead of us. Although we have been very busy with all the classes running around, but ever since Christine left for the road trip I felt like we are having a break also (still run around with Joshua but it is one instead of two). She is due back home this evening and we miss her!
A quick look at what I've done besides spending lots of "quality" time with little Peter:

Seeing Christine off to her road trip with all of her classmates last Thursday morning. Hi Stiney and Amber!

Cut Peter's hair. Sad for Mom but yay for Peter. No more yanking on his long hair.

I had to do it while he was taking his shower as he was distracted by playing with water.

New Peter!

Peter really enjoys this book corner here. The bottom shelf holds his current books (board books) but he likes to pull books out from the top shelves as well. He is generally very good in handling the books...

except occasionally when he thinks some books' covers need a redo...

Oh... no, not my Amish book...

Well, nothing a scotch tape can't fix. Now the cover is good as new...

I decided to let the jacket of this one go.

I cut up the torn jacket and taped the short author info on the inside of the front cover.

Re-organized Peter's toy drawers - this side is for the small toys. I like to keep all of his little toys categorized even though he didn't really care one way or the other. It makes easier to clean up (for us) when we know all these little things have their "homes".

The other drawer houses toys that he can play by itself or big size toys. There's old Woody and Buzz, passed down from his older brothers!

I was cleaning in the kitchen and noticed I re-purposed lots of items. I was given this pretty little tray many years ago and wasn't sure what to use it for but because it is so cute I just kept it in my garage.

Until one day I wanted something cute to hold the sink side items. I love how it is low and wide and cute and lots of ventilation due to those little hearts shape holes!

Now I am off to feed Joshua. He needs to eat at 4:00pm one Monday per month due to his joining of the CAP program, where he needs to do the PT the minute he arrives there at 6:15pm. Believe me, you don't want to eat right before PT! Well, tonight is the night. He loves the program though!


Sharon said...

WOW! You've been busy! Want to come over and teach me how to cut hair? I butchered the Little Man's --- ooops!

And it looks like our sons have a similar passion for books. Don't you love that?!

Our Lives said...

Yup! One tears the books and one eats them. Perfect team work!
Your Little Man's hair cut looks great! Did you cut his hair for him?