Friday, January 1, 2010

A Spontaneous Day Trip

After watching the Rose Parade on the television, Robert suggested a quick trip to Hollywood Boulevard, just so to have another chance for Christine to practice her photography in the city. It was only about 30 minutes driving distance so we all consent to it.

Walking down the side walks and eventually arrived at the famous "foot prints" (or shall I say boot/shoe prints) on the ground of the Grumman Chinese Theatre. There were so many people and we found ourselves not very comfortable in city crowd. Having to navigate the stroller probably was why we did not stay long for the trip, plus the cigarette smell was getting on our nerves.

I left my camera in the car so Christine took all of these pictures for us. Since we watched LOTS of old movies, my kids are familiar with many of the "oldies". Christine posts the rest of the pictures on her blog.

I asked her to take these for me as each of the name reminded me of the movie(s) they stared in that had left me with great impression of them.

John Wayne - Blood Alley

Meryl Streep - Out of Africa

Clark Gable - Gone With The Wind

Danny Kaye - The Court Jester

Tom Hanks - "Wilson!!!!" - Cast Away

Judy Garland - Wizard of Oz; Meet Me At St. Louis

Gene Kelly - Dancing In The Rain

Dick Van Dyke - Mary Poppins; The Dick Van Dyke Show

Harrison Ford - Air Force One

Grumman Chinese Theatre

Josh enjoyed the quick trip

Happy New Year!

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