Saturday, December 26, 2009


What a simple Christmas we had this year. We purposely minimized the normal Christmas season activities that would give us stress to see how we would like it. We liked it just fine. It was peace instead of chaos. It was the quietest Christmas we had ever had. We didn't join the shopping crowd or put too much events on our calendar. We still gave presents to each other, but not a gazillion little gifts like we used to do.

This year, we each received one main gift and other gifts from wonderful relatives and dear friends.

We were all happy with what we received. Even though there were fewer gifts but they are gifts that we really wanted and appreciated.

The best gift both Christine and Joshua gave us (Robert and me) brought tears to our eyes, warmth to our hearts and thankfulness to our Lord for letting us tasted His goodness through our children's actions.

Christine wrote us a love note and thanked us for our love and for being there for her always. She didn't have any extra money to shop for us this year, but I would not trade that note for anything. Thank you, sweetheart, for the special note.

Joshua was wide eyed when he saw most of Christine's gifts from everyone had been contributions toward her camera purchase. He didn't say much but we could tell he was feeling something there. So when Christine saw that she had more then she needed for the camera, she decided to share half of a big gift with Joshua. Joshua was delighted. That was on Christmas Eve.

That night, when everyone were in bed (supposedly), I was trying to go down stairs to place the three gifts for the children. As I came out of my room, I saw Joshua coming up stairs.

"What are you doing up still?" I asked, a bit annoyed that he might have seen what I was trying to do.

"Nothing, Mom, and no question on Christmas Eve." He answered with a grin on his face.

Christine heard the commotion and came out of her room to see what's going on.

"All right, you two, since you are up I could use your help to bring down and set up this play table for Peter " I decided I didn't want to break my back trying to bring down and set up the table myself. I had kept this table in my bedroom since September when I acquired it from a family from our school for $25 (it was $140 when they purchased it). Can't pass the deal. It is a good sturdy big play table with two large drawers.

The next morning, after everyone opened their presents, we reached for our camel bags (our dear friend Angela made them for us this Christmas. The camel bags are in place of the stockings. I like them a lot). We were all happy with the little surprises we got from the bags and then we heard this gasp from Christine. Joshua had decided to support his sister's dream by doubling the money she gave him earlier. We were all surprised at his love offering, and yes, Robert and I had tears in our eyes again. Joyful tears.

Both children have demonstrated the fruit of the spirit (kindness) toward one another. The best gift they have bestowed us. We love you, kids!

Peter loves this musical box. A gift from Grandpa and Grandma Liz (photographed by Christine).

Peter finally was ready to enjoy this book. He received it as a baby shower gift. It is a very cool book. The pictures in it are 3-Ds.

Remember my tea cup light idea? I added a special touch by putting some pine needles on the side. (Photographed by Christine)

Peter likes his fire truck, given by Grandma Laurene, Robert's mom.

And the drawers of the play table...

Don't we look lovely? Christmas morning is the only time I will let them photograph me in my PJ!

The camel bag. Try imagining the Wise Men carrying the gifts for baby Jesus on their camels long time ago...

Peter was not quite sure about all the excitement but he joined in just the same.

Another "new toy" for Peter. I got it from the It is Thomas the train tracks without the trains. We just used his little cars to run on the tracks. Peter didn't mind at all.

Christine and her first camera. She learned many lessons while saving up the fund for it.

Joshua's Lego set. He also saved his last year's Christmas and birthday money to get it. Delay gratification played big in our house this year. Joshua bought this set back in July when they offered free shipping but did not open it until Christmas day!

The play table is so huge that Peter actually likes to play on it instead of with it. LOL!

I know I am late in posting this at Sharon's. Then again, it is better late then never. Right? :)

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a PERFECT Christmas. What a beautiful family you are raising my friend!