Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little wonder

I only deck up the dinning table two times a year (I mean by covering it with a table cloth and light some candles). On Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. This year, due to our financial make-over commitment, I have been thinking of ways to save money for these two dinning table decorations. We all like candles (except Robert) and always love how the dim glow makes everything so soft and warm at the dinner table (even our faces seems to be soften by it).

This year, determined not to spend too much on the table decor, I re-used the glass candle holders (boy was it not JOY to get those wax off the sides of the holders) for Thanksgiving. This month, with the Christmas dinner fast approaching, I found some tea candles (in apricot color) in a box and decided to use them in tea cups for the Christmas Eve dinner decor. My heart sang when I lit the candle inside the tea cup. I turned off all the lights to let the kids see how it works and they were all ooh and aah over it. So it is approved that the tea cups will be the candle holders for this Christmas dinner!

And who knows such little wonder like this could bring much joy to oneself? Thank you, Lord, for all the little and big things that you allow us to experience to know your goodness.

And thank Sharon for having the Just For The Joy Of It on Thursdays, it helps me to stop my fast pace life and remembering the moments of joy...

I have four sets of this white tea cup and saucer. I think it will look nice when they are all set up and lit.


Kelly said...

How neat! I love how little things bring so much joy...especially this time of year.

jmberrygirl said...

I think you are absolutely right!

Sharon said...

thank YOU for sharing your joyful moments with us!

I just marvel at how God will remind me to pause and notice the blessings that he pours over us... even on hard days with a cranky toddler!!

I think your table is going to look BEAUTIFUL!

Deborah said...

Beautiful! We, too, have just gotten out our candles. They do bring simple JOY! Thanks for sharing!