Thursday, November 19, 2009

20 months old

Another month had quickly flown by. Peter is 20 months old today! It is hard to believe that last year at this time he was just started to crawl. Today, a year later, he is able to follow simple directions.

Everyday I marvel at his "clicking" ability. He is like a big sponge soaking up everything and anything we do. We have to be so careful how we act around him. Attitudes were picked up in an instant by him.

I started turning on the classical music for him in the morning and he seems to enjoy it and is so quiet while the music is on. He jumps around when the kids start chanting the line from Peter Pan "I DO believe in fairies! I do! I do!". He is so fun to watch. And I have no idea how and why my other kids started chanting that line. I think it was that jumping tune perhaps... :) Truth is we DON'T believe in fairies! LOL!

Peter is eating more of the "adult" food nowadays. Although once in a while I still cook up his food for him but I try to have him join us as much as possible.

We are in the midst of weening him from the pacifier. It is a slow process. Sometimes he went down for the nap/night without it, other time he cried until I gave in and handed him the pacie. None the less we are hoping he will be weened from it soon.

He is doing very well in stacking up the block tower or cups. He loves to play with the kitchen utensils. He helps to close all the room doors (just like Erik used to do) and put away the milk jug in the refrigerator (and closes the fridge door).

Recently, he started to roll all over the floor and had a great time doing it. Runs like lighting and up and down the stairs in a flash of time!

His favorite toys right now are cars, tennis balls and the little plastic farm animals. I wish we could afford to get him wood toys all the way but since we couldn't, we just do with what we have. Maybe we could help out the grand kids later.

We are still waiting for him to say something clearly. He seems to want to talk in a sentence but of course he is not quite there yet. I could just see once he starts talking , we will not be able to turn him off! LOL!!

Here are some pics of little Peter on his 20 months day.

Some one needs a hair cut real soon!

Peter rolling again...


That was fun...

Here is the outfit to honor my big brother who is in the AF. Thanks Erik for the bib! It made the outfit almost believable. :)

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Sharon said...

Hey Joyful Jenny! Congrats to your little boy on hitting his 20th month! Our son is right behind him - he'll hit 20 months next week! Amazing how much my little guy sounds just like yours... I love it!!