Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Friday!

I have always love Fridays. No, I don't have any party to go to nor having anyone coming over. I just love the feeling of a good week has passed and much have been accomplished. It is also pay day, which makes me grateful especially as nowadays so many are encountering the "last Friday at work" reality.

My other excitement of this day is that seeing myself made it through another week by either successfully cooked meals for the family with the budget we have set aside or with a little left over. It is a mental challenge to me but I like it. Ha! This month, though, I know we will go over a bit because we will get some extra goodies for our Thanksgiving dinner. It is ok as we are still very diligent in other areas.

I am checking my next week's shopping list. I typed up my shopping list using the excel spread sheet. People in the market thought I am so organized. The fact is, I am too lazy to write - I like the highlighting way better. Occasionally, when I ran out of the copies and have forgotten to print out more, then I will jog the needed items on a post-it notes. I dislike that very much as it just makes my front cabinet door look very cluttered. The children are trained to highlight an item when he/she is the last person used up an item.

I like the pre-print list as it frees up my brain to do other useful things like planning the dinner menu. :)

I usually post my Monthly Menu and the Shopping List one right next to the other on the front cabinet door above my phone center in the kitchen, and keeping the extra copies in my control journal. It has proved to be a good place for me to keep track of them. :)

I color coded the items to correspond to the stores I shop them at.

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