Thursday, October 8, 2009

A quick record

I want to remember Peter's growth by documenting it as much as possible.

He is 18 months old now and he

has ten teeth that are fully in (four molars and six front teeth (the doctor said that is very unusual how the order of his teeth are growing - but then we are talking about Peter, aren't we? He's been quite an unusual child to his family. :))

now weighs 31 Lbs 11 oz.

is 34" long.

absolutely loves the homemade pot stickers (thank you, aunt Becky for the recipe) and won-ton for lunch or dinner (just wait until we start making California rolls).

still eats a whole organic avocado and 4 oz. of plain yogurt with maple syrup for breakfast everyday.

still drinks 20 oz. of goat milk everyday.

still loves air plane and CARS!

can go up and down stairs like a pro.

understands almost all of the commends we give him.

makes raspberry sounds.

still screams. yes. screams.

is learning the Chinese words of older brother and older sister.

eats banana by biting it off, no need for smashing it any more.

loves having his teeth brushed (when his Mom remembers to do so).

thinks a whole world of shower time.

Loves splashing water, anytime, anywhere.

gives hugs and kisses (Peter style - rubbing his opened mouth all over the recipient's cheek).

likes music and movies.

prays with his Mommy before each meal time.

reads his cardboard books with delight.

last but not least, LOVES. CAR.RIDES. !

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