Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy days

It's been nine days since I last posted. How funny it is to remember that when I was younger, time seemed to be such a drag on most days. Now with three children still home and the slew of actives we have, I found myself not even having time to think clearly sometimes. I long for some "nothing to do" days when I could catch a breath and think clearly and logically (it will be here soon enough - only about 16 more years. :)).

Let me recall our past weekend...

We went to the Ventura thrift shops on Saturday with our friends the Kelleys. It was a nice girls day out. Christine and I both got some cute clothes from the thrift shops (thank you, Grandma Liz). We ate at a 50's dinner. The waitress was not very friendly. When I looked at the price of the menu, I was shocked. It must be that we haven't gone out to eat much in the recent years, I could not believe how expensive restaurant food are becoming. It was a treat from our friends but still...

On Sunday, Robert and I escaped to Home Depot to get some spray paints (and talked). We are hoping to repair and repaint some old chairs and a dinning table we got from the
Monday through Wednesday were a blur. I just remember we were out most of the days and nights. Christine got her SC fundraiser accomplished and we had school picture day on Tuesday. I took Christine and Peter to the Service Club project on Wednesday but left Joshua behind so he could rest. Joshua came down with some kind of cold (he did not look sick but just had no energy). I made him drink lots of water and took plenty of rest. I think his body is just getting tired and needs more sleep.

Today, here we are... after another long day (so it seemed). Peter had his 18 months check-up and the doctor was very pleased to see him being so healthy. He is on the 95% of the growth chart according to his doctor. Peter now weighs 31 Lbs. 11 Oz. and is 34" long. She was very impressed with his abilities of copying and following people's guesters. She commented that he looks and acts like a two years old rather than an eighteen months old. She said it must be the avocado he's been eating! Hahaha! Peter has only been sick (needed doctor's prescription) two times in these past 18 months and we thank God for that. He sleeps twelve hours through the night and takes a two-hour nap during the day. He is a big (and good) boy! We love you, Pettie!

Here are some pictures from these past days...

Gentle Amber and Christine.

The girls had a blast with the soap fountain. You can't see it here but they had suds all over their hands.

Love walking down the streets in that town. Our feet was so sore afterward but had such a happy outing.
One of the outfits we got that day. Isn't it pretty?
Peter at the doctor's office today. He was rolling this chair around in the room while we were waiting for the doctor to come in.
This is his new discovery - watching trash trucks and any vehicles passing by our home. He was "stuck" at this position for a good three minutes!

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