Monday, October 12, 2009

Peter's four shots

I was expecting a little fever after those four vaccines they gave him at the doctor's office, but not for three days and he is still miserable.

Peter started feeling yucky on Saturday morning due to the fever and I gave him some baby Tylenol to make him feel better. Then on Sunday he just plain refused to eat or drinking any juice (his favorite things to do in normal days) except goat milk. This morning he did not make any talking noise when he woke up like he usually does. When I changed his diaper, he just lay there (no kicking like he usually does) as though he had no more energy left in him.
I did not like it and decided to call the doctor's office to inform them the symptoms he's having. They told me not to worry but keep a close eye on the fever. Christine held him almost all morning so he could rest in her arms while I worked with Joshua on his lessons. Then Joshua took over for a little while so I could eat lunch and then I would hold him until almost 4:00pm. Robert took over after I drove Christine to her drama rehearsal ( I was the kid wrangler mom tonight) and I finally made him eat some hard boiled egg and rice (again, his favorite in normal days) when I got home at about 8:15pm. He was crying and kicking while eating. He hit the sack immediately after I gave him another goat milk bottle.
He was crying so much today it just broke our hearts. When I was holding him this afternoon I literally clammed him down with my arms so he could stop the wailing and fall asleep. He lost his appetite and would not want to drink anything but goat milk. Imagine my surprise to find out the only food he would still eat is avocado! I just ran out of the ripe ones. Tomorrow I will get an avocado that's ready for eating while waiting for the other four to ripen.
This really caused Robert and I to question the vaccination that they put into the babies. We wonder if they are really necessary or is it just because "everyone has been doing it" kinda thing?
I hope Peter will be fever free tomorrow. it is so hard to watch him suffers.
On October 10th morning, he started to show sign of fever.

October 11th morning, not wanting to eat anything but is trying out this water cracker.
This morning, he just wanted to be bundled up and being held.

You can't see it from this angle but he lost his whole tummy - something we always joked about him at.

This was the picture I took before holding him in my arm this afternoon. He was crying so hard here. My poor baby! :{

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Aunt Preble said...

Poor Peter! Poor family.