Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A good day

Today I had one of those days that, shall I say, unexpected and mixed-up and wet (rain)? At the end though, it all worked out and proved to be one of those days that fits the description of what's being a stay-at-home mom perfectly. Another gentle reminder from God, He is good.

Peter has gone to bed since 5:30pm for the second day now. He slept 14.5 hours last night and took a two hours nap today before the fever rash broke out all over his body. I took him in and the doctor reassured me that it is nothing serious.

Ever since the vaccination from last Thursday, Peter seemed to be different. I can't really pin point it yet but I pray it is because of the shots. I've talked to my friend Kristi and she told me not all of her children received the shots. I need to ask her the name of the book she mentioned. I may learn a thing or two about these vaccination by reading up on it.

Christine attended the Holocaust survivor speaking event this afternoon at the T.O. library (where I saw my friend Christina and had a wonderful chat with her - thanks again, Christina, for the wonderful photo link!). Christine helped at the event as it was part of the Student Council's assignment. The survivor's story was so horribly frighten that I think it was good for her to hear and to see a real person that actually lived through it. It definitely added another layer of appreciation of life for her.

Joshua is studying well with the Work Boxes System once again. He is in our homeschool band and is playing the tenor saxophone. I can't wait to see the performance! He is also really excited about the drama program even though he only got a small part in it. This is his first drama experience. I am glad he is enjoying it. :)

I don't have any photos for this post (kinda feel weird about not having any pictures) but at least I am back in blogging a bit more.

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