Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, it came and gone and I am a year older today. Praise the Lord for yet another year of learning and growing in Him, by His grace.

The day went by quite nicely. I received a very cute card from my FLY friend Cindi, had a few surprises from my In-laws (and a very pretty card), Christine and my dear friend Kim. Joshua gave me a Starbucks treat (and he said I can't say "No" to it:)). Got two e-cards. One from Erik and his family and the other one from Robert (he also bought me some nice flowers). Erik called and it was nice to hear from him. One thing I didn't expect was getting a lot of happy birthday wishes from my friends on FB! And the Moore family's balloon bouquet put a happy finishing of a very lovely day.

We started the day with our birthday breakfast tradition - DONUTS!

Christine's gift for me. Sketched with love.

My good friend Kim obviously saw my white dishes here and surprised me with these bowls she found on eBay! I was speechless of her thoughtfulness. Thank you Kim!

And my In-laws' gift will be revealed after this weekend's thrift shops spree with Christine and the Kelley ladies!

Thank you all for making this day very special for me.

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