Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last day at redwood

The Redwoods Trail was the only stroller friendly trail, that's why we were there. Twice.

I was hoping Peter would hold onto his sister and brother's hands as we stroll down the path...

But no, he is his own little free man, roaming all over the place on the trail (with me like a mother hawk followed closely behind him).

What's up there?

It is a chimney tree.

Our camping tradition - the kids always got ice cream at the last day. We did it early this year at 10:30 am. As the kids eating their treat, little Peter looked on and wish he had some... Robert decided to leave a day early after the ice cream treat and we all voted yes.

So we went back to camp and had a roaring camp fire, burning up all the woods we brought with us.

We ate a quick lunch as I started packing. This picture was taken shortly before a huge branch broke off the tall tree and fell down to the ground. It made such huge noise that we thought someone was hurt. The branch landed near the fire pit and Peter and Joshua witnessed the whole incident.

No one is happier than Ma when the car was packed and we were on our way home. See that big smile? Next time we camp, I hope to have a trailer with us. I have to accept the fact that our tent camping days are over now. All the back aches and leg pain from both Robert and me were enough reminder that we couldn't sleep on the ground any more, with or without pads!

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