Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another day in Red Woods

There were deer and raccoons around the camp site, but no bears.

Our camp site. We had the whole park to ourselves for two days!

A family snap shot on the Redwoods trail.

One of the Red Wood tree on the trail.

Joshua was the most organized piro I've ever known... He took over Erik's "job". We missed Erik so much while on the trip. we missed his jokes, his ability to recite a movie (complete with expression and sound effect) over the camp fire at night. We missed his thoughts. We missed him.

My precious trio...

We went to town for a "hike" the next day since we couldn't go on other trails. it was quite a little quaint town. One thing we noticed was there were many homes tucked inside the trees. Some of them looked like time stood still since the 60's or 70's.

Back to camp for lunch again. I was happy as I have found my "white dishes" from that day trip.

Peter taking another bath. This time I used a bigger container so he could play and splash easier.

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