Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flying by

Days are just flying by lately. It is Wednesday night already. Hard to believe.
We had a very full day today. Joshua started his school band practice this afternoon and had soccer practice afterward. I turned around to drop off Christine to her SC meeting and then went to pick up Robert from the bus station. It was almost as much driving as yesterday. This school year is going to be very full, I can just sense it. It's alright, though, as the kids love to be busy.

Our good friend, Craig, fixed the freezer for us. now I can start thinking about the do-a-head meals that I can freeze for busy days. I am so excited! Thank you, Kim, for your wonderful husband's help! Craig also helped us to install the water heater. The old one (13.5 years old) started to leak. Thank God for good friends!

Our old water heater finally died after 13.5 years of service.

Craig and Robert measuring the board.

Robert had a good day that day.

Here is the replacement.

The box? It went to Joshua the box toy inventor and Peter the boy who hearts boxes!

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