Wednesday, August 12, 2009

County Fair

This was the second time I attended a County Fair in my life here in America. We went on the Dollar Day so we could do more with the saving on the admission fee. The parking was $10.00, up from the regular fee of $5.00 due to the Fair. It was still worth it though. Christine and Joshua had so much fun in the Youth Expo and rides (a treat from their "auntie Chris"). After touring some of the adult expos, even I was enticed to consider an entry for next year.

This year Christine had entered twelve photographs per my dear friend Christina's suggestion. She almost fell out of her chair when her friend called and said that one of her photos had won a blue ribbon for the "Best of Class"!

Many of Christine's friends had also entered some wonderful arts and writings. Kathrine Kwong won the "Best of Division" on her composition of the "Hearst Castle". Amber Kelly, her best friend, also won first place on her drawing (a very last minute decision to enter for her as well). Amber is a very artistic young lady. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets the "Best of Division" next year when she enter again with more time to prepare.

We left at about 4:00pm because Robert could not come back into the Fair ground. The parking lot was full. He had to leave us at the Fair Ground to take his mom for a doctor appointment at about 1:00pm. All was well with his mom's check up, praise the Lord!
After we rejoined we decided to cruise over to the famous thrift shop avenue in Ventura. We ran out of time after about three shops. Peter was very tired and we were all hungry so we headed to our favorite road trip fast food place - In-N-Out. Peter fell asleep on the way home. We were all tired but really had a great time. I love little family trips whenever we get a chance to do so.
God is good.

Here are some of Christine's entries. She won one "Best of the Class", five "1st place", one "second place", two "third place", out of the twelve pictures. What an encouragement it is for her to start this new hobby!
This picture was what we thought it might win some thing. It has a mood that's just beautiful.
Best friends.

Christine entered a photo she took of Amber (the black & white print above Amber). Amber is incredibly photogenic.
Here's Amber's enchanting art work. I've seen Amber's art work and I am very certain she could win the "Best of the Division" ribbon next year if she decides to enter again!
Aren't they best friends or what? They both wore the same color family to the Fair without knowing it...

My dearest friend Christina and her beloved husband John. I wish I took a better picture of them. I should have had Christine take the picture...

Christina won second place with this entry in the adult photography contest. Photography is Christina's hobby and she and Christine had such a fun time talking photography in our last visit! I wish her "Snow Shoe" picture won a ribbon as it is a very distinctive picture with perfect lighting (I forgot to snap a picture of it. Phooey...).
We really like this picture of John. He looked like a famous person from a history book with that handsome silver color hair! It added so much more character to the picture...

Our dear family friend Andrew Moore also entered the model air plane and won a third place! Good job! Andrew!
Andrew's sister Julia also won 1st place of the chicken she raised. Again, I forgot to take a picture of it. :(
What's this???? Erik, are you reading this blog? This one is for you! :) Wish you were here with us...
More for you, Erik...
Christine took all of the Star Trek models for her brother. She knows a Treky when she sees one.
You'd have loved this, Erik...
My favorite part of the Fair - Table Setting. I only set our table on Thanksgiving Day. This category was such an eye feast for me.
I thought this particular set is very interesting. I like the colors (not necessary the theme), but the BIRD! The bird was what caught my attention! What a conversational piece of decor for the table setting. Love it!
Time for some rides! They are lining up for one of their favorite rides - the Wave Swing! After they got off they claimed that their legs had turned into noodles!
Waahoo!!!!!! So much fun!
Lining up for another ride. Their exciting anticipation of the ride was just so precious in my sight. They made me remember when I was a child...
I am not sure of the name of this ride... I will check with them later...
Peter didn't get on any rides. As a mater of fact, he didn't even get off from his stroller. I don't think he liked the loud rap music that was played at the ride area. He came alive when we hit the thrift shops though! What a boy.
This is literally a "flower bed"! Such a refreshing idea to plant your flowers!
Another cheerful Floriculture display.
This glass house is actually located very close to where we live. I like glass jars so much that I thought maybe one day I ought to just build something with them.

This is part of the embroidery on one of Christine's skirts. We found two skirts and one white cotton window panel (I am making some cloth napkins out of it) at the thrift shops. We probably would have gotten more if Peter wasn't so tired and we weren't so hungry. We, namely Christine and I would like to go back someday soon, before school starts again. Annette and Amber, we should make a girls day out for this, what say you?

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Yay Christine! Congratulations!
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