Monday, August 10, 2009

Computer break

Well, it wasn't voluntarily. We were invaded by a computer virus so I was not to get on until Robert fixed it. I was so "lost" in those days without my computer. That's just too crazy. Now we are good to go again. Life is back to normal. Thanks, Robert dear.

A little catch up...

We went to check out the place where Robert's mom may move into. It is about four blocks from where we live. Hopefully all the paperwork would move swiftly so we could move her in by next Friday.

Crock-potted some home-made yogurt yesterday (starting on Saturday night). It tasted delicious! Wonder why I didn't do this sooner. All these beautiful glass jars and lids are from the Love them.

Robert and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary over the weekend. We received a very nice gift and cute card from my In-Laws. Thank you, Ray and Liz.

We went out three days in a roll just walking around and talking with each other. Setting some goals and dreaming some dreams. No flowers this year and I am ok with it. Robert showers me daily with his affections and that in itself is more precious than any flowers. We are living very tightly right now in hope to reach our goal sooner.

Since the Lego storage system is in place, Christine and Joshua have been busy building. They each built a RV. Christine's was a bigger one (for me, as she knows how much I'd wish to have an RV). Joshua built one just for a bachelor as he called it. He even inlay some black & white floor tiles...

and completed with a clock.

Josh's RV.

Christine created this RV model for me. That's so sweet of her.

From the back view.

From the front view.

Top view.

Here's little Peter having fun. He is 16 months old and he is BUSY! :) He has mastered the up and down stairs skill perfectly. We nick named him "TorPeter" (Torpedo) because the speed he shows when he goes down stairs is amazing! His new skill currently is climbing. Catching up with Roxas I gather. He fell down from this table the other day but is more careful now ever since then.
Speaking of Roxas, he just turned one on Saturday! I need to go to FB to see if Erik or Emma has put up some birthday pictures of him.

On the blog world, I've been reading these wonderful posts. In both practicality and spirituality.I am thankful to have found these ladies in blog land - The Urban Homesteader (for an organic garden I've always dream of having), Keeping the Home (for all of the no nonsense, down to earth home keeping tips and some times, her point of view in her belief. Her blog was also the place I got my home made yogurt recipe), Resolved2worship (This is the place I got my blog songs from. Her life, her children and her photography makes me smile), Matt and Sarah (the latest find - small space living - you have to check out their renovated RVs. Their small space life style has impacted me and reminded me to count my blessings). Last but not least, my dear friend, Christina, I sometimes found myself saying the same prayers as I was reading hers.
Even though I don't get to go to these blogs on a daily basis, I do enjoy them whenever I get time to check them out.

Until next time, I am off to continue my never ending dejunking projects.


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