Monday, August 3, 2009

Lego storage

We finally tackled this big project - the Lego re-organization.

We started it last Thursday and worked through the weekend. We did take many breaks though. The result is an extensive Lego pieces storage system - - yup, you guessed it - with lots of the glass jars (and a little drawers unit) we have around the house.

Christine and Joshua couldn't resist the chance to try out the new storage system. They started building some wonderful models and they COULD see and find the pieces they need instantly, without having to dig through the huge box of Lego pieces like they used to do. It was such a happy afternoon for them.

I had built a Lego home model last Wednesday while we were having some Lego building time (we like Lego VERY MUCH in this household), which was also the motivation on the launching of the re-organization of the Lego. It took me forever to find the parts and the colors I wanted to build the model that I almost lost the momentum to go on.

One thing that kept me going on sorting through this huge box of Lego was what Joshua said so many times over during these last four days: "Mom, I am so glad we are doing this". We had a great Mother-Son time. We talked about things, places, relationships, our dreams etc., I am so glad we did it. Christine also jumped in to help when she could. The team effort (and team communication - where everything is) was a great experience which we will remember every time we have a Lego activity.
An interesting side note:

While we were sorting and categorising the Lego pieces (over 10,000 pieces) I was thinking we need to get more glass jars because we really want to be as specific as we could with the job. That night when I was checking the, there it is - an offer of 10 boxes of canning jars! New lids included. Imagine my delight. God is good, He takes care of even tiny details like this for us.

This box was filled almost to the rim before we built many models and half way through the organizing. I wish I had a before picture (no, we are not dumping the Lego back in) :)

First step: Sorting by colors.
Then the categorizing process began. This took a bit longer than the sorting by colors.
Joshua labeled all the little drawers.

All done. Four days later.
These are the 48 little drawers and jars on the table. Two shoe boxes, four Ziploc (recycled) bags and two square containers are under the table and in the big tub.

Here is where the jars being stored. When the building time comes, all the jars will be lined up on the table with the drawers.

Didn't take a complete picture of Christine's creation. It is a very colorful vehicle.

Joshua built the Magnetron.
Completed with a plasma control center.
Ten boxes of glass jars in varied sizes!
And the lids. Still in their boxes.


Aunt Preble said...

A very awesome article!! And Christine, I love the photos, especially the one with the lids and jars at an angle. Very effective.
Jenny, you could get this published somewhere in a Christian magazine!!
Auntie Chris

Aunt Preble said...

Hi Jenn!
You may be interested in knowing that Mike and Nevada have a blog also, not Google. It's great!