Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We've been going to LBC for their VBS this week. So far the last two evenings have been fun for Joshua and Peter. Christine's friend Kasey Joined her last night. It is a cowboy theme this year and it is fun to dress up in that style. A beige jean skirt is all I have for the dress up. I will be going to some thrift shops in the future to collect some cowboyish clothing. It seems like I would have many chances to wear this style in our town.

Howdy lil' pardner!

Cowboy Josh.

Kacey! I would love to have Christine going to that college (it could only happen with lots of scholarships).

Love this running pose of Josh. It reminds me of Erik's circle running in AWANA when he was about the same age.

Hi y'all!

Kyle - The best actor of the drama team for the event. He is not dressed up here. I will see if we can snap a picture of his role later on this week. He is a very special young man as he has just dedicated his life to the Lord a few weeks ago. I met Kyle a little while ago and I can attest the "put on a new man" scripture through him. Before the baptism, he had dreadlocks and a beard and now he is so refreshed! Praise the Lord for another saved soul!

Peter trying to be tough.... eating sticks and all... LOL!

Ahem... Like my new outfit? I borrowed it from my brother so I could look like a real cowboy.

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