Friday, July 10, 2009

Day Trip

It was a fun day trip Robert surprised us with. We got up this morning and were told we would be going to the Science Center in L.A.! Well, we didn't leave until almost 10:45am. Traffic was all right for a Friday. The kids eyes were wide opened when we got to down town. People sure drove differently over there. Robert turned into a "city driver" after we were on that freeway for a while! By the time we got close to the center, we were so hungry that we needed to find an "In-N-Out" quickly before going into the center. Well, the closet one took us on a tour through a street in South Central L.A. Needless to say, we were all nervous. We felt like we were in another country. Christine snapped some pictures. We spotted an old building that used to be the "Weber Baking company". Not sure if it is still in operation... When we finally got on a widened street, we took a breath of relief! We all laughed saying this street made us feel safer. well, ok, it is easy to fall into a sense of false security. After parking the car we were immediately greeted by a street vendor who wanted to sell us some hand woven beaded bracelets. They looked very interesting and colorful but we didn't buy any. After we had our burgers and fries, we returned to the killer freeway traffic heading to the Center.
The Center housed all sorts of scientific hands-on experiments for visitors to touch and learn. We had a great time. Poor Peter, though, he was sitting in the stroller the whole time. He did really well actually, He liked looking at all of the different displays and lights. We took so many pictures. If you have young children, this is a great place to introduce them to science technology. If a child is already a science buff, I'd think he/she will enjoy the centers thoroughly. It is also wallet friendly for parents - it is a free admission museum and the parking fee is $8.00 for the day. We only paid $1.00 for a height bicycling for Christine to get on. It was $2.00 but Christine found a way to get a dollar off by getting a ticket stamped at all the different "science rooms/topics". She is definitely a good money saver girl! Her future husband will be blessed to have a frugal wife. :)

We made it back just in time for the last VBS night at LBC. They dropped me home so I could prepare dinner while they are there. I am tired but it is a good tired. I love family trips like this and so thankful that we have time to do it.
Here are some pictures of the day:

South Central L.A.

Peter's first nap in his new seat.

Arrived to the Science Center.

Sea of Clouds.

Click to enlarge the sign for more info.

Pipes of Pan.

Click to enlarge the sign for more info.

New way of having a family portrait. :)

Josh waited for a long time to get to this driver seat. There were many school summer campers.

Solar panel heat moving the wheels.

Highlight of the day for Christine - High Wire Bicycle!

Here's Christine - riding a bike in the opening of the third floor!

Mom was relief to have her back!

Backside of the Center - It is a beautiful old building.

It lead to this globes garden and a fountain.

My precious children.

Green Architeture.

Click to enlarge the sign for more info.

Space/Air crafts Center.

Great actress and actors.


real scale (see the boy?).

I think Peter said "it is enough for me for today. Can we go home now?"

Another nap on the way home. The bottle and bear were props to hold his head up.

Some more VBS pictures.

This is just too cute.

Here's Kyle in his role (the black outfit).

Cowboy Josh again...

had a taste of quilt making. quilt making!? A cowboy!?

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Aunt Preble said...

Yes! Pop-up works!
Looks like you saw lots! of stuff and had a really nice day. Those family outings are so very important.
I like all the photographs. I recognize Christine's flower at the top, and the exposures on the others are well done.
Yay team!
Auntie Chris