Sunday, July 26, 2009

Down sizing

Up until this past week, I would never have thought to entertain this thought of small space living. Why I am already living in a cramped space (so it seemed until I checked out how other people live in even small spaces but are happier). Happier? How could that be? How could I be happier living in a smaller space than I am already living?

The answer I believe are:
1) No more huge mortgage debt.
2) The awareness of being part of the wasteful human race.

I am certain there are more reasons why some people chose to live that way, but the above mentioned are the major two I kept hearing from the interviews of the small space dwellers on the Internet video clips.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, the Tiny House movement is sweeping across America. The people of the first wave are the ones similar to the pioneers in the 19th century, except that they are not looking for big land or big houses. The motivation, however, are the same. Seeking a new life which had free them from whatever that were before they made the move. They are the ones who we may even label as the Gypsies. Most of these people are peace seekers and many of them embrace natural living. Some of them are even Christians. So, yeah, I think it is for everyone. Anyone who either is tired of the bondage of a house mortgage or just wanting to do something they've dreamed of for so long and the time has come for them to take actions while they still have the energy to do so.

We are thinking about it. Just thinking, not really taking any steps toward it at this point. We have responsibilities toward our children and families. But oh how I would love to take in that breath of "FREE" air one day!

Our first tiny little step is to de-cluter our place. I mean to really look at each item we possess and ask ourselves : "can we live without this item?" This may take a while as we have many things we deem too sentimental to part with. But we think these will be great process to prepare ourselves for whatever is laid before us.

The most important thing we have to be sure of, though, is if this is within God's will to do so. Without His blessing and according to His plan, all that we do would be just like building the house on sinking sand. It will not stand nor bring glory to His name.

Enough said, I'd better get back to work on the project of "freeing ourselves from stuff"! :)