Thursday, July 30, 2009

His plan is not my plan

I just sent out the most difficult email regarding my CM business to my friends and customers tonight. I've been dreading of this day's coming. I will be deactivated by CM if I don't meet my quota by tomorrow. I was just going to let the business go without mentioning it to anyone. The responsibility side of me, however, just would not settle. So I prayed and sent out my perhaps the last email to my friends and customers. This business has helped us out so much financially but since our family circumstance has changed, I am no longer able to run both the business and the home front the way I would like to. Something has to go, and I know which one it is. Deep down, my heart is at peace, knowing that the business was a gift from God from day one. He has allowed it to flourish beyond my expectation. Tomorrow, He will let me know once more who is in charge of everything in life.

I can hardly wait to see His hand at work tomorrow. His plan is not my plan. Never has. I've been reminded of it over and over in my life. I will sleep well tonight, though, knowing I've done my part.

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Aunt Preble said...

So, Que paso? Please tell us what happened after you sent out your letter?