Thursday, July 23, 2009

Green Living

I just realized that I haven't done much of my home keeping projects since June started. I was having a great time visiting with my brothers and sister's families. With my MIL in the hospital over the weekend, I haven't gotten any motivation to do much of anything.

Another reason I was so down was because I know we would probably have to stay in this house for a much longer time than I wish to.

One night I was surfing the Internet and saw a movement of tiny houses that's sweeping across America. I kept reading and all of a sudden, something snapped. I saw that my house was *huge*! Those Tiny houses are tiny. The smallest on is about 81 square feet. It is all part of perspectives.

whenever that day will be, Robert and I are definitely going to join that movement. It is both our dream to live simply.

The simplicity living idea carried my net surfing to another topic - Green Living. We've been making many small steps to "go green" since the beginning of last year. We have stopped using those gallon Ziploc bags (and we survived); clean with just baking soda, white vinegar and water; no more paper plates or paper cups purchasing; installed the water purifying system instead of buying bottled water; last but not least, we've been re-purposing our glass jars for many different usages.

We still have a long way to go. I am working on sewing some cloth napkins, getting more towels to take places of the paper napkins and paper towels. I was thinking about handkerchief and toilet papers replacement, that's when Christine started her protesting. My girl is not embracing the "green living" the way I do. :)

Another area is the plastics we have in the house. It is funny. Just like when you are with child, all of the sudden you start noticing many others are with child as well. Not until I look around my place with a renewed eye then I start seeing that we DO have MANY plastic containers. Ok, I was a Tupperware associate back in the early '90. I did it without knowing the harm of having plastic containers holding your food items. I was just really into the organization part of it. Now I am working hard to eliminate all of these containers and in place of them, I am scouting out glass jars in all different sizes and shapes. I heard there are half gallon size of glass jars. Of course, part of the challenge and fun of the project is to see if I can get them for free or pay very little for them. I will continue to search the Craig's Free List and the and my last resources would be garage sales or thrift shops.

I am grateful for the lessons of contentment and good stewardship. I am shaking off the entitlement mentality and nourishing the gratitude mindset for what I've been given.

Cupboard #1 before

Cupboard #1 after - I gave away almost half of the stuff in the cupboard. I only keep the essentials. I still have one plastic traveling mug for Robert's morning coffee or oatmeal. I am eyeing on this replacement. Maybe a Christmas gift from the kids to him.

My applesauce and peaches glass jars. I like my jars (it sounds silly but I do like them) and I have many ideas yet to use them.

I found the three stainless steel nesting mixing bowls my SMIL Liz gave me a while ago. So, bye bye plastic containers (I use these large Tupperware to house the flour we got in bulk at Costco until an alternative large containers are found).

My next project? My beloved pantry.


Becky said...

Hello, sis. I just create the gmail to see if I can leave you the comment. I love your blog. Sometimes we are doing the same thing that we don't even realize. I never know that I am doing "Go Green" too until I read your blog. I always utilize my glass jars; never use paper plates (well, I like to eat with real plate :))and I try to use as less paper towels as possible. Lately I try to use up the fabric scrap from my previous, old sewing projects. And at the same time, Stephanie wants me to sew her curtains so that they can match up her bedding. So we found some fabric scrap and I use a little quilting method and sew her "matching" curtains. I feel good about this project. I feel like I have achieved an "impossible mission".

Aunt Preble said...

I guess John and I have always lived basically green, although I admit I am a great fan of baggies. I also buy the little paper cloth type dish cloths. I prefer them to the real cloth ones that take so long to dry, they are a real harbinger of bacteria.
One interesting fact not widely realized, is that wooden cutting boards are far, far superior to plastic ones. The plastic ones harbor bacteria, but the wooden ones have a way of killing bacteria. This is upside down of what most people seem to think is the truth.