Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beach time with my brother and his family

We finally made it to the beach before they go home! My brother and his family came to visit from New York and we only got to see them two times. Hopefully tomorrow the cousins could come over to play. We went to the beach late this afternoon. The weather was all right. The water was very cold and it was an overcast kind of day but we had a sweet time catching up with each other's life.

Peter's first encountering with the ocean water. He didn't care for it much - I think the water was too cold for him today.

The boy cousins trying to look tough... Josh and Brandon are actually the same age - only six months apart. The girls? Well, they just smiled away in the back ground.

The giggling cousins - Laurene and Christine.

We are so thankful for out of states family visits. Christine and Joshua got to see their cousins and have made some wonderful memories. We also got to see my younger brother's sons for a very brief moment. They have grown so much... Allen came up and said to me: "Aunt Jenny, I haven't seen you for a long time..." My heart just ached.

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