Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zac has come home

What a glorious day today was for the Sunderland family. Christine and Joshua went with our friends the Neuzils to welcome Zac home at MDR. Zac has sailed around the world making history as the youngest person soloing it. We've been following Zac's adventures via his blog. We are so proud of him.
When Abby (Zac's sister) starts her sails, we will be right there to cheer her on! The Sunderland family is such a unique family. Navigating a sail boat in the ocean to them is like driving a Bug on the road to us. We got to know the family as Christine started the Mock Trial class last year. The girls have become good friends through it.
We can't wait to see what is Zac's next adventure going to be!
Welcome home, Zac!

Thank you Kim, for taking Christine and Joshua! Hi there, Jodi!

Zac coming in.

News Press conference. There were so many people!


Abby, Christine, Audrey and Amber! The 2008-2009 MT team!

Kasey and Kelly Anne. I love Kasey's smile, she makes my day every time I see her. I like smiling people. We need more of them in this world.
Little Ben, Zac's baby brother. He's so cute!

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Aunt Preble said...

Wow! I just read about Zac in World Mag online. I didn't realize he was someone local! Congratulations, Zac!